And so it begins… to borrow a phrase

I grew up on science fiction. It was my first love. The first movie I remember was when I was four years old and dressed in footy pajamas and going to the drive in to see Star Wars. My grandmother, a huge Star Trek fan, had it on in the house all the time.

My Sunday nights consisted of Battlestar Galactica, next Buck Rogers, followed by Million Dollar Man and last Bionic Woman.

I knew what a transporter was before I knew what school was. As I got older, I loved Si-Fi programs. I wasn’t allowed to watch it, but I would go to school and listen as other kids would talk about V. And I hung on to their every word.  Then there was the Powers of Matthew Star.  Of course, as I grew up so did my taste… not science fiction but the cheesy stuff. That or science fiction just could not compete with my new stronger love…fantasy.

But one of my favorite science fiction shows to date has to be Babylon 5 which is where my phrase comes from. The Vorlons are by far one of my favorite alien species. Not to mention Kosh was awesome anyway.  What makes them so cool…everyone sees something different. They remind me of writing… what the author sees when writing the piece, and what each reader interprets what was written.

Let me know what you think.

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