And here we go… again.. or maybe not

So today is the first day of Novel in a Month. Every year I start out great guns. I am going to do it.  I even post to hold myself accountable. And every year I fail. Then starts the trash talk to myself and the months of recrimination. So this year I decided I am not torturing myself, I am not even going to pretend to anybody (self included) I am participating.  Instead I am going to work on a story a day.  I am going to try for a word count but that isn’t going to be my main concern.

Two reasons. One I have too many irons in the fire.  Two, life. You’ve seen the first Avengers movie, the scene where the hulk is thrashing Loki. Okay so the Hulk represents life and Loki of course is me.

So now that I have said I am going to do a story a day…. I have already killed that.  You see the story I am working on has taken on a life of its own and wont finish. So I have two options… Post what I have … and continue tomorrow. Or hold off until tomorrow.  If I hold off then it is already a bad start but if I post its not in a good place to break. Plus I will have to finish and do another one too. Either way it is somewhat of a failure.

So I will just post what I have…. (in another post so I can edit the finish)  And stick to the commitment.

Todays story is not a prompt…. but it is where I just started typing to get words on the paper and it turned into something.   It doesn’t have a title yet.  I am not even sure it ever will.

Let me know what you think.

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