The daily prompt is Ovation

I thought I would try my hand at a little historical fiction.  It is small… flash fiction small. My first thought was “standing” but I dug a little deeper into the root of the word and found out it was ‘a lesser victory’ for ancient roman generals.

Without further ado…..Ovation

Her General was coming home. She cared not that his crown was made of Myrtle and not Laurel. Or that he wore the toga of a magistrate and not the gold embroidered robes. And the sheep slaughtered on the alter would cost less of the spoils, than the two white oxen. Let others complain that he was not heralded with trumpets, she preferred the flute players. They reminded her of happier times.

Never mind that his entire legion of soldiers would not travel the victory path with him. No one would dare attack him within the city limits. She would not have to wipe the vermillion power from his face before she could shower him with kisses. She would never tell him that when the Senate denied him a Triumph and gave him an ovation she was the happiest woman in the land.

With Triumphs men tended to get sidetracked with all manors of improper and immoral delights. She wanted no competition for his homecoming. No duties that he must oversee. For she had news from the Auguries. If he lay with her tonight there joining would bring forth a child destined to rule the great Roman Empire. And they would name their son Gaius Julius Caesar.


Let me know what you think.

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