Blogging Fundamentals again

I recently started posting to my blog again. And came to a conclusion, I have abandonment issues. I smiled as I wrote that because I was thinking about all of the readers who would roll their eyes. Not abandonment in the classic sense of the word, but letting something go with the intention of coming back to it when I have time. And of course I find more excuses the less comfortable I am with whatever I am putting off.

And blogging is uncomfortable. I was a girl who never had a diary. I hated the things with a passion, but the pity is I never journaled either. So many lost ideas, settings, conversations that would have added realism to some of my work. Which means when blogging started it felt lot like a diary. But I am a writer and I have been told “if you want to be successful as an author you have to have a blog. So for the second time in three years I am starting with the fundamentals and this is my first assignment.

Who I am and what is my goal…

I think my bio is pretty good at telling you who I am. Not much has changed there. Other than I am no longer puppy wrangling. I guess that means what am I trying to accomplish? In the simplest terms author branding I guess and on a broader scope a place for interacting with other readers and writers. I think I am also trying to structure organize all my writing into one place. Pieces are all over… running amok.,, These are good places because I need readers and comments if I am to hone my craft but they tend to get lost and I only get one type of viewer.

Also I am trying to work out what kind of post am I supposed to write. It sounds simple just post something especially if you are trying for a goal. (Which I am) Do I just post stories? People who are there to read fiction…are not going to want to read rants. Or people who like short stories are not going to want to sit and listen to me go on about a writing technique. Or something I thought was interesting.

This certainly isn’t my best post but it does what the assignment asks. Maybe as I go forward random

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  1. wendypawsey says:

    Have had similar thoughts regarding blogging…very enjoyable read!


    1. Ryker says:

      Thank you. That it is uncomfortable Or like a diary ?


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