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Day two assignment. Compile a list to open the doors of creativity. (Here is what they suggested: things I like, things I learned, things I wish, and lastly things I am good at.) Funny thing is I had already done that for the year. Well not their list but stuff I had seen, thought about as far as articles, stories, or posts. See one of my goals was 240 posts for the year. Let me rewind. My six goals for 2017 feed each other.

  1. Write at least an hour a day
  2. Post a minimum of 240 post
  3. Write a minimum of 2 short stories a month
  4. Work and complete at least 1 of a 60K stories
  5. Enter at least 3 writing contest.
  6. Submit 1 work to at least 3 places.

So as you can tell if I write the hour a day I will have no problem with the short stories of the 60k work. The short stories will feed part of the 240 posts as well as the hour a day. And I know me.. If I took the easy way out with a post a day (365) I would use my hour two write those.  So back to my assignment the list.  As I said I wanted at least a hundred words to use a prompt for the 240 posts so I could finish that goal. (Although it kind of worked out to one post 5 days a week)

I am not going to post the entire 100 here because I don’t want you to get bored but maybe a sampling so I can create some anticipation.



Dead Wrong


Never again

Forever and a day

Knowing how

Every day music

Stirring of the wind

Dangerous Territory

Irregular Orbit

Unsettling Revelations

Summer Haze

Change in the Weather

Only Human

Nowhere and Nothing

I think out of that list the one that I went hmmm about, was forever and a day.  I know, why right?  I grew up with the expression.  I had always heard it said and never seen it written … and when it was said growing up in the south mostly it was always slurred slightly to foreverina day. Like a time. “your taking forever in a day.”  When someone said it correctly to me it was like a light bulb went off. Forever and 1 day. Otherwise thought of as infinity. Or was the person saying forever and 1 day not 2 or 3 days.

What are some phrases that you heard all your life and then you heard them a different way and it totally changed everything you thought about that phrase?

Let me know what you think.

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