The scaly fire-breathing lizards are everywhere

by living in my fertile imagination.

None are dancing the Tango on the top of the Empire State Building

or splashing small rowboats in the Loch Ness

or eating bean burritos at the local Taco Bell

or flying first class on United Airlines flight 356

None sing off tune under the orange harvest moon lying low on the earth’s horizon.

with iridescent wings framing a small wriggling green body

and claws the size of my father’s right arm.

People in the dilapidated Cordova Villa math class have no time to think or

to dream of a golden monster whose breath stinks of its last dinner of lamb.

only wearily trudge through the monotonous hours of class.

Drunk with my delight on the first soar through layers of vertical sheer vapors

catching handfuls of magical moon dust on zephyrs of fantastic ideas.

In glistening red, shimmering blue and vivid greens of dragon wings.

This was a creative writing assignment. Write a ‘Found Poem’ using the Golden Shovel method. The problem is I wanted to credit the original author, but I have no clue who it was or what the work was.

Ultimately, I am grateful that I did this assignment… because poetry to me is meh. This actually had me thinking that maybe I could compose something decent. Alas, poetry for me is going to be that hill I can’t quite get over … no matter how many times or styles I try.

Let me know what you think.

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