Team Building

Back from the dead! No just hibernating.  About three months ago I picked back up my fanfiction and started working on things that had been gathering dust so to speak for the last 10-12 years.  Then I got so tied up in the series I had started that the rest of everything went out of the window.

So typical of me… a writer’s version of tunnel vision.  So as a way to sightsee a little (pun intended) I started working on some of my writing exercises again.  Of course, flash fiction because who doesn’t want the quick bite and be off again.  Max word count: 500 words. Has to begin with the sentence….. “It’s really not that complicated….”

“It’s really not that complicated,” Jonathan voiced studying each of the coated wires bundled against the timing device.

“It’s a bomb. What do you mean it’s not that complicated?”

“Red wire, blue wire. Armed, disarmed. See, simple,” Jonathan stated wire cutters hovering over the third blue wire from the bundle.

Eliza grumbled her agreement with her partners oversimplification of the matter. “Okay Einstein, how do we disarm the damn thing, we’ve only got two minutes left?”

Jonathan looked up from behind the face shield of the protective gear he was wearing and grinned, “Now that’s a little more complicated.”

Eliza face planted her visor into the padding of her gloved hand. “No joke. That’s what I said in the beginning.”

BOOM! The table shook with the force of impact as the 225-pound man slammed both palms on the long board table. “Congrats people, these two just killed everyone on this floor with their yak-it yak.”

Eliza gathering her composure startled by the loud noise of the blow to the table frowned. She looked down at the device that still had one minute on the clock. “No didn’t. The timer … it’s still running. Look!”

The man dressed not in black tee shirt and cargo pants grinned in appreciation of their unease. His tone betraying his drill sergeant background said, “I triggered it with the cellphone you were supposed to check for.”

Jonathan wasn’t paying attention to the instructor. There was something strange about the mock device.  And if he was right, they were in trouble. “I wouldn’t do that again. I think your training device is the real deal.”

Eliza scoffed. “Jon, it’s a corporate team building exercise. No sane person would bring a real bomb that we could accidentally blow up the building.”

Jonathan agreed with the logic behind the argument. And last night when he was getting ready for today there was a slight wish that he would be able to disarm a real bomb. But now staring at what appeared to be real mercury on the plate he suddenly didn’t want to be within a hundred feet of the box.

“Do I look like an imbecile?” the man in black shouted in his drill sergeant tone. “We don’t use live ordinances with civilians.”

Jonathan would have said more but the clock on the device reached zero and there was a small click and an explosion. The next thing he knew a wall of heat had thrown him and Eliza against the wall. Before he passed out, he saw the bloody face and body of the man the company brought into team build begin to burn from the fire.

Across the street in a nondescript car, Janet pulls out her cellphone and records the chaos and carnage.  After two minutes, she dials the phone. “Your problem is solved. You can tell the board they don’t have to worry about the hostile takeover anymore.”

She ends the call and slowly drives away before the first responders arrive.

Let me know what you think.

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