Status of project 2020 The Age of Dragon

So February is starting out in good shape….. hehe  it always starts off good.

I wrote most of the day off and on.   Then I took a break to get my head together because the scene was not working the way I wanted and wound up playing a game right through midnight …. till 2 am.   SO then what I had intended for the first kind of got divided into two days.   I will probably write some more later today. Depending on if the characters are willing.

Feb 1  162 words.….

Feb 2  1669 words     for a grand total of    2839  (a decent chapter)

Without too many spoilers….

Here is where my story actually starts to deviate from the game and yet not… according to lore that all of the Origin stories happen…. but all of them die if they do not become the Warden. And there can only be one Warden. Here is where I forgot to make them die. So todays writing was how two dead characters managed to survive without Duncan recruiting them into the Wardens.

With the way I have set it up… this is the second chapter in the chapter part of the cycle.  The first part of the Cycle are of one shots. Which I probably will not write until I have finished the series due to the fact that I can correct any continuity mistakes I make…. elaborate on an event that is only mentioned later one but I feel the reader needs more detail.

020320 – update    total daily word count  =  1225

Chapter 2  added 510 words to flush out a couple of places I felt pacing was a little rushed.   (completed)

Chapter 1 wrote the first part of it.  715 words. This is to be the beginning of the story.  Set about a fortnight from where the game begins.   (partial)

I liked writing this part. My first play though with the game I was sooo indignant at Loghains treachery and subsequent actions. I had forgotten what an old writing instructor told me.  To make your antagonist real make him the misunderstood hero of his own story.  It fits.  Loghain was so blinded by fear that he went from the most loyal to treasonous.  He truly felt he was doing the right thing which is why it is so sad.  Howe on the other hand was just as interesting to play with. He too is the misguided hero of his own story.  Chaotic Evil as his motivations were purely selfish… but felt for all he gave he deserved it.   (Which all of those who played the game know were his last words.

Here is the opening scene  (partial)….


“If he had even an ounce of Maric in him. He would have done his duty by now and given me a grandson with the Theirn line. But he cannot manage even the smallest of tasks. The boy king who dreams of glory. His father fought for his country and in one generation his son is going to give it back to the Orlesian bastards.”

“If I may suggest,” Rendon said. “Such talk can be construed the wrong way my lord.”

Loghain stared darkly into the fires. “Interpret them how you wish. But I am an old man lamenting about the fact there are no grandchildren to dote upon.”

Rendon swirled his wine in the silver goblet and made a noise of sympathy. “Ah my lord a child who can be taught to think like a Mac Tir and have Theirn blood would be just the balm for a man who has given so much to his country. He would grow up strong with the strength and character to make Ferelden a country to be reckoned with.”

Loghain waived the Arl off with a wave of his hand and said, “It didn’t help Calian that much did it.  I was there guiding him like his father.”

“A yes but with a father like King Maric. Maker rest his soul, even the Hero of River Dane pales in comparison. But with a strong mother like Anora and a Grandfather like you the child will be exceptional. Even better than his father some would say.” Howe said feigning sympathy.

“Right now, a Mabari would be a better…. Forgive me Rendon. I am melancholy. You came to talk to me about your Arling. Are you having issues? Have you discussed them with Bryce? He did not remind me of an absentee liege lord.”

“It is nothing. I should not be bringing you such trivial matters. You have enough on your mind. I only wish I could do something that would ease your distress.”

“Rendon, right now the only thing that could help is if Calian was no longer King. Between his obsession with the Grey Wardens and long forgotten heroes. His unwillingness to unite the Free Marches as a Ferelden ally. And allowing more of the Olriasian free access to our country. He is going to doom us back to an age of occupation.”

“Alas my lord, he is a young king. And the Therins are a hearty bunch. If something untoward doesn’t happen, then he has a long reign to make your fears a reality.” Rendon said, pouring more wine into Logain’s goblet.

“Make forbid.” Logain intoned.

“Thank the Maker Ferelden is not like kingdoms. Take Antiva, if the king is thought unworthy, he is how do I say it, removed, and his heir replaces him.”

020520 – update    total daily word count  =  1225

I was terrible…. Part of the reason I was eager to participate in this was the accountability.  And of course… day four … not a word written.  Fortunately, I am still good on my weekly / monthly goal.

I was able to spend about two hours with it today though and wrote 1417 words.

I jumped forward a little.  I was in the mood to play a little with King Calian.  In the game we don’t get much out of him except that he is fanboy of the grey wardens and a likable king.  Greeting you like he was your best friend.  It wasn’t hard to understand why his men and subjects liked him.   It is funny how the game alludes to the fact that Calian and Alistair are alike in the way they govern if you don’t ‘harden’ Alistair.  I think it is such an awesome characterization.  Calian never really got a chance to have power as Anora has always been at court (being 5 years older than him) and Alistair wasn’t allowed to even think about power out of fear that he would covet his brothers throne.  Good men bad circumstances?? Maybe.  That could be a story in itself.

Here are just a couple of sentences from my two favorite parts of this scene.  In cannon you find out that he was well aware of his brother … even keeping tabs on him.  During the strategy meeting he even calls Alistair one of the best Grey Wardens.  He clearly loves or at least cares for him.


“I am glad to hear it. I understand that the Wardens can have one mage per circle in each country. It is time that you had a few magic users of your own. But I must say, if that is what they are keeping locked behind the tower’s walls. I might need to pay a visit to Ferelden’s Circle as I go to visit my uncle.

“Your Majesty need I remind you… you’re married.”

“No Duncan. My Father in Law does remarkably well in that area. But you did not tell the other Wardens how beautiful she was.”

Duncan frowned. “No, Your Majesty, I thought it best to focus on the power she has.”

“I suppose that is prudent. I have not seen many women in your ranks. And definitely not one as attractive as her. I think, since she is looking for a hot meal, I might invite her to share mine tonight.

“I would not presume to tell his majesty who he can have dinner with but as you have already inferred with your wife’s father in camp that might not the wisest choice. Besides there are Grey Warden matters she will be attending to with Alistair and the other recruits.”

“Duncan you fret too much. I have met the others now I want to spend a few minutes getting to know the Grey Warden I am sending to watch my brothers back. Nothing more.”


and here is a little later with his Honor guard… the men who are with him every hour of the day practically


Calian watched the Warden Commander walk away. He could tell from his body language the other man did not approve. He didn’t approve of making Alistair a Grey Warden but finally consented.  If they actually lived through the coming battle, Duncan would find more changes not to his approval. Including making Alistair the full time Grey Warden ambassador to the Palace. His brother was going to be at the castle to see his niece or nephew born. Then Alistair was going to have a family once more. His father was bound by a promise, but he wasn’t. “Elric.”

“Yes, your Majesty,” the man in armor just at the entrance of the tent said.

“Find her. I understand Duncan gave her freedom to roam the camp. With as many templars as we have, I don’t want to find out they thought her an apostate. I am interested in finding out what makes a woman want to join the Grey Wardens. And what kind of a person she is.”

“And the Regent, Sire.”

“Will remember that I am king. I have no interest in bedding the girl. Beautiful or not, to take a lover right now while Anora is in a delicate condition is in poor taste. Besides I have never been fond of virgins they become too clingy and sappy.” 

Elric cleared his throat and said, “We are talking about a Circle Mage. The tales are of them being liberated in mind and err body, Sire.”

Calian removed his gloves and threw them on his oversized cot and then his breastplate. Grabbing the wine goblet, he swirled the liquid before taking a drink. “Then my brother is indeed a lucky man.”

update for 02/06/20  word count 902

Again I jumped ahead.  One of issues I have in writing projects verses single stories or one shots… it that the characters talk to me… or I see a scene.  I happen to be a bystander on a lot of my writing and the actual characters do the heavy lifting.  So yesterday as I was doing a little outlining I came to a bullet with the joining at Amaranthine.  Anders the other mage says he’s seen the warden before.  And then the conversation.  So yesterday’s writing consisted of that dictated conversation.  Right now, it’s just the dialogue, nothing else at all. I will go back and flush it out but… I was happy. It was light and dark at the same time…. everything I want for Anders pre-Justice.  The sorrow he has buried, and then the cheekiness that he covers with.  I knew these two had a history.

Here is a snippet of that conversation


“Besides, I stayed away from Templars after Hadely.” 

“Him… he is as old as I am. Please tell me he wasn’t your first.”


“I’m sensing a story.” 

“No you’re not.” 

“Yes I am. Tell me.”



“Fine I will tell you when you tell me your real name.” 

“Hey,” Anders whined. “Anders is my name.”

“That’s not what you told me when I was sixteen and you were trying to get into my robes.”

“Maybe one day if you choose to leave your king and be my love slave.”

“I guess I didn’t want to know then”

“Ouch you wound me, milady.”



“I am your commander, I conscripted you. Remember.”

“If I let you use my body do I have to follow all of your orders?”

I drop my chin to my chest and shake my head. “You really need to work on the flirt. I’m not a wide eye naïve sixteen year old anymore. And I spent a year with a master flirt. He even had Wynne blushing a few times.” 

“The king?” 

“Fade no, Alistair is no flirt. Zevern, my assassin.”

“Now there’s a story.” 

“Yes there is but not today.”

02/10/20 update  Daily word count =  3172   (although to be fair… I should double this since I hand wrote it and typed it in)

So yesterday and half of today I was without  my pc and had to hand write and then transcribe.  Ugh.  Because of course most of what I hand wrote made it one to the  word document.  But of course I had to edit and tweak everything… so what should have taken me three hours to type up took more like six or seven… taking me over the midnight hour.

The goal …

I had wanted the Warden and the Champion to meet… and I had intended it to be in the deep roads where Delilah sends Hawke to look for Nathaniel.  But I also need to put Ciara in Antiva before Alistair goes there. Which means… my Warden must catch up with Zevran.  But I am also laying down the groundwork for Anders to get away after destroying the Chantry.

Also there is frustration by the Warden of Hawke and how little he respects the ‘Amell’ line   because his father is a Hawke   And for her …. the Amells are everything.


  1. Warden and Hawke met.
  2. Zevran and Warden reunite
  3. Anders finds out that he didn’t hide quite as well as he thought he did
  4. The old god reacted to a Tevinter Fenris.
  5. The warden flew off…. which seems to becoming her MOSnip-it

I finally allow the spell to wear off. I am pleased to see that the new lyrim worked into my tunic is augmenting my mana. The paralyzing spell didn’t slip once during the conversation. Nor did it significantly affect my mana levels. I watched as several of the men realize they could move and started flexing tired muscles from holding one position too long. “The rest of Thedas throws the words ‘Dog Lords’ at us Fereldans like it is a curse or insult. But do you know what the most important thing about a dog is?  Anybody?”

I waited. “Nothing. “Anders, he isn’t a dog lord. He isn’t even Ferelden, but he gets it. Do you want to help the man out?

Anders looked down at the stray who’d followed them from the cave and realized the truth. It was her hound and she had told him to protect which was probably why the dog was practically hugging his leg. Her Mabari was just like her. “Dogs are loyal.”

“Give the mage a cookie. Loyalty. Fereldans and loyalty are synonymous. In fact, we execute people who are disloyal. Ask the man who quit the field and his king died. Now how loyal would I be to my assassin if I let you go back to Antiva to try again. Isabela?”

“Not bloody loyal at all.”

“I always said the lady had a brain as well as a body. So, tell me do I let your kind live another day?”

02/10/20 update  = Word Count 1636

Decent since I didn’t do particularly good over the weekend.

I worked on two different parts today.  One I cleaned up changed around the piece I fought with on Sunday.  It isn’t where I wanted it, but I do like the feeling that it gave the piece. Also, it’s good to see the Warden interacting with some of the other Wardens.  I also think I was able to touch on the meeting with Carver and Ciara. And how their relationship will grow and the bumps, zigs and zags that it will take as the story progresses.  But the true gem of the piece came from the lapse in how she sees the relationship with Alistair when she describes it to another.

Here is a snip it of that


“No I am just the Grey Warden that struck the final blow and didn’t die like I was supposed to.”

“False modesty doesn’t suit you Ciara.”

 “It’s not false Jean-Marc. If anything, Riordan was the hero for making the dragon lame and keeping it on the roof. If he hadn’t, I don’t know if we would have been successful. We were stretched pretty thin.”

“Is that why I see his ugly mug on the statue outside,” Stroud asked chuckling.

“It was a toss-up between Duncan and Riordan. The statue was commissioned to honor the Grey Warden’s that fell at Ostagar. Alistair said he choose Riordan to honor his father-in-law…. But I think it was because we had my father’s death mask, but we never recovered Duncan’s body.”

“Father in law?” Stroud asked with a quirk of an eyebrow. “I didn’t know Ferelden had a queen.  Shall I start addressing you as your highness?”

“Bite your tongue. Not a rumor I want to get started. The Chantry is already having kittens because they think we are living in sin. But they’d rather that than the king marries a mage. Also, we don’t want to saddle Ferelden with Grey Warden king and Queen it wouldn’t sit well with other nations as far as partiality.  And technically, it’s not legal as King Belden of Orzammar performed the rites. But it’s enough for us.”


Then I jumped back in time kind of like a flash back which will be its own story 

and  wrote about 250 words (included in the 1636

Anders keeps running away. During that time, he had to come across some good Templars and some bad ones. He sarcastically talks about the same female Templar looking for him every time.  He also jokes about getting kicked in the head to wake up. So why does Irving not just turn Anders into a tranquil?  In this story I wanted to explore that.

my goal = allow the reader to see that there were many in Anders life that wanted to help him. But through bad judgments and an unwillingness to see beyond his own narrow focus he is placed into a position that he hates. Even more than life.  

Now I am caught up.

Let me know what you think.

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