Planned Works

Simplified overview of series

Over the years Mythal has planned. Nudged, pushed to create the one who will help her with task. The one who is destined to free all. She has had many daughters and many vessels. Knowledge of the coming blight Flemeth created the circumstance for the vessel of the old one. That old would heal his priest and together they would cure the blight. And free all from both the void and the heavens.

A hero is born into a noble family with a destiny larger than all Thedas. Her future is tied to the royal families of the land. Through a botched ritual an old god’s soul would be torn in two giving one mage the power to reclaim the golden city. Free the Elders who are thought of as gods and make peace with the titans. And usher in the next Age … the Age of Magic.   (actually 10, 000 years since the beginning of the saga)

The Age of Dragon Cycle  contains 5 books (loosely combined by time frame)

  • In the Age of Dragons-  Prequel to the games  (mostly Cannon)

A day or incident in the life of the characters for the 10 years prior to the blight.  Multiple vignettes  providing background and continuity.  Some characters will only have a few vignettes and some will have multiple.. These stories are vignettes told for continuity and  background. But some characters will not have more than one… and some will have multiple stories for example … Shayle…. While what she sees as a statue… could have some barring.. I am not writing that for year after year with her.

  • 9:30 Dragon, The 5th Blight (moderately AU)

A retelling of the two years spent traveling all over Ferelden (including the beginning of Hawke, and Awaking’s) with changes to incorporate my lore. Several people who died in the game will live again and have an opportunity to help in the final battle.

  • Wardens, Kings, Inquistiors, Oh Dragon (Mostly AU)

he years from the Blight to the end of the Inquisition and setting the stage for Fen’Harel and the battle to come. Our Hero coming to terms with being the vessel for one of the Old Gods and how it affects her other relationships.

  • Twilight of Dragon,  Titans and Gods (AU)

The battle between the Elven Pantheon, the Tevinter Old Golds and the Titans with just a dash of Fen’Harel.  No more than a dash.

  • Hounds, Wolves and Dragons (AU )

Bringing Fen’Harel to justice for crimes committed to free his people. Leniency from Mythal and the end of the human concepts of Chantry, templars, mages as humans, elves and dwarfs come to terms with no veil for the fade and magic apart of everyone’s lives.

  • There maybe one shots glimpses into the lives of the characters that give history, motivations, or fun romp scattered throughout the five books.


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