Word Count update Accountability

02/12/20 update =520 words.

The scene I focused on most of the day was wrong. What I saw in my head was unwilling to unfold on paper. So I fought with it all day… and it bested me. Sad to say I gave up on it and started in a different place.

Which I felt was a cop-out. In the game stuff like this would be added via a codex entry. You would click on something in room/ dungeon, pathway and it would open for you to read. As writing isn’t that interactive yet I haven’t figured a way to add it into the story yet. So I tried to hide it behind a ‘letter.’ The information is relevant to the story and the reader and backstory. But I don’t know that I truly need it.

In Dragon Age one of the main characters Alistair is a bastard. He is straight forward in telling you that much almost a little too quick in my opinion. But it goes to highlight the fact he doesn’t tell you until he has too (your walking up on the mans home that raised him) that he is a ‘royal’ bastard by the King of the country and a serving girl. He knows the king didn’t want anything to do with him.

The player… not the character… finds out that this is not the case. The King very much wanted him. But due to circumstances he must send the boy away and honor the boys mothers wishes. Which leads them to create this elaborate story around his birth.

This communication is a quick note to Alistair’s mother. It feels kind of wimpy… You will find out later the writer of this note… he looks in on the child from time to time and writes both parents about how the child is doing.

It came out decent but blah. It really doesn’t have a point except to give the reader information.

Let me know what you think.

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