A Hearts Desire

I survived an isolated and mediocre existence only to flourish in your presence, where a hint of your smile brightens even my forlorn seclusion.

My envy of the wind is irrational for it merely caresses your lips. Yet it has the freedom I do not, as I long to openly embrace but I cannot for your heart belongs to another. 

From afar I can dream of a love affair but for now our friendship means more to me than anything this world provides.

Like the knights of Old you’ve shielded my heart with your gentleness in a way I’ve never 
felt before.
A choice has been made and my mind must accept that we are only friends in spite of that my spirit yearns for us to become more
So I will anticipate and dream that one day again I can feel your lips pressed to mine and 
to hold you in my arms and hear the murmurs of two hearts saying, “I love you.”

Let me know what you think.

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