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My heart needed a rhythm to beat in time with so yours sounded the cadence mine could follow.

As the universe yanked my strings like a marionette you danced along in the audience, so I wasn’t alone.

In your arms I found shelter from the strength of emotions that crashed against me and almost drove me to my knees.

Tears found no place in my eyes or drying on my face with your gentle palm to cup my face and brush them away.

Your presence consoled my sprit through the monotony of life’s endless trials. 

You listened to me as if I was the only person in the world worth hearing even when I wasn’t saying anything at all.

The shoulder you offered to lean on was broad and came with the most muscular arms to wrap around when I needed a hug the most.

When I go to you, you’re always there, never pushing me away. 

Arms wrap themselves around me and the world narrows down to just you and me. 

You were there, to show me I was never alone. 

My happiest days were defined by your presence.

You were the reason for it, yet I didn’t see it. 

You were there when I need someone to love me. 

The day you told me you loved me was the happiest day of my life. 

I thought I could live us the way we were

It never crossed my mind that I could be wrong and I was not enough.

Now I know what I’ve can’t have. 

My mind sees what my heart refuses to acknowledge. 

The tears you so carefully soothed run freely for the loss of a love so tender.

And arms I long to have wrapped around me for comfort have no longer offer solace. 

Yet my soul isn’t diminished because I have been loved by you and I have loved you. 

And while I can no longer call you mine our hearts still beat in time with each other and we are meant to be.

Your greatest gift was the sweetest of memories we created allowing you to always be with me. 

I am blessed, because you are there were it counts the most, 
in my heart. 

And even now, you are there.

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