Author’s Bio

Ryker was born a nomad. Not in the ethnic sense but in the way her feet itch when she has been in one place too long. This comes in handy telling the sword and sorcery epic adventure or moving through the urban paranormal tale. While she may focus on fantasy, science fiction has just as much pull for her. She is a storyteller who doesn’t want to fenced in with one particular genre

Ryker is just beginning the professional stage of her writing. She has several pieces submitted in the form of short stories in contest. One piece “Toe to Toe” actually won fifth place in a contest. She currently has several projects in the works including a Blog a book entitled, Who’s Who as told by Father Time. Besides being determined to complete NaNoWriMo this year with an outlined story, she has started a children’s site – DisAbility Ducks.

She lives in Sacramento with her two grown children the youngest one sharing her love of all things fantasy. Between attending school, reading and puppy wrangling you will find her nose to the grindstone working out another plot bunnie and turning it into something you don’t want to put down.

Let me know what you think.

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