Murder most … messy.

Prompt of the Week by Lady Jabberwolky “Scene of the Crime.” – Describe a crime scene. Any Crime any setting.


It was murder, plain and simple. And it just happened, less than fifteen minutes ago. Because when I left the living room everything was fine. Jeremy was laying on the couch watching NASCAR again. Or I should say sleeping through some 500. I didn’t know if it was the Indy or the Daytona. I didn’t really care. Brutus was curled up on his bed with his favorite toy.

But when I walked back into the living room the sight that greeted me was gruesome. Body parts littered the floor. The victim’s decapitated head was staring up at me from it spot on the couch with a missing eye. And maybe the nose. From the damage to the face, I couldn’t tell for certain. And the carnage wasn’t contained just to the living room. One of the legs and feet were in the doorway to the dining room.

But most of the massacre was right there in the middle of the floor. Where the torso and innards lay strewn about as if they had been shaken violently. It was as if the murderer were proud of his handy work and wanted the entire world to know what he could do.  I would need my gloves to clean up this mess.

On my way to the kitchen to get the trash bag I pass Brutus in the hall. “You know mutt if you are going to kill your stuffed animals, the least you could do is burry the bodies, so I don’t have to.”

The pit-bull turned and looked over his shoulder with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and woofed softly a piece of cotton stuffing stuck in his lower jowls.

“I’m assuming you want me to get another victim from PetSmart, right?”

If I didn’t know better when my dog barked at me, I could have sworn he was laughing.

My pitt-bull loves to destuff his toys. He is looking for the squeaker. Once he finds it then he uses it for tug a war. I jokingly told someone one day walking into the floor covered in cotton stuffing it looked like a murder scene. It was perfect for the prompt. I tried to hit 300 words. Missed it by 12 too many. I was going for humor.

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