Reading Challenge with a twist

Behind every great writer is a reader because reading teaches you to write. Back when I was in school, I was a voracious reader, and I can’t say I was overly fussy either. Compared to today where I can barely make my two a month book goal.

And of course, I have gotten a touch too particular about what I read. And those are mostly series that I start and continue with. So I open myself up to the reading challenges that most libraries do every summer, so the kids have something to do. It’s the same list over and over, but this year I found an unusual way to do it.   I apologize in advance on the length, when I wrote it in word, I put the list in columns, and it won’t let me do that here.

So here is the list of book qualifiers.

  1. Longer than 500 pages
  2. Considered classic romance
  3. Became a movie
  4. Genre not read normally
  5. With and number in the title
  6. Written by female author
  7. A mystery or thriller
  8. Has a one-word title
  9. Compilation of short stories
  10. Set in different country(ies)
  11. Nonfiction
  12. Popular authors first book
  13. A friend recommended
  14. Prize winning book
  15. Mom loves
  16. By the cover only
  17. Set somewhere I always wanted to go
  18. Set in High School
  19. Is/was a banned book
  20. Made me cry
  21. Author who shares my initials
  22. Originally written in a different language
  23. Has color in title
  24. Set in the future
  25. Steampunk novel
  26. Written from a non-human perspective
  27. Set during war time
  28. Is a Travelogue
  29. Historical fiction
  30. Memoir

I left out several because they didn’t fit the flow, for example is a graphic novel or supposed to read for school but didn’t and of course the main one published the year you were born.

So here is how I am doing this year. Every book I read will be published the year I was born.

Then I am going to try to get as many qualifiers as I can per each book. 

For example: Sh̵̵̵ogun  by James Clavell it falls under   1, 3, 8, 10, 13, 16 (technically I would have looked at the cover and read the first chapter) 27 and 29 for a total of 8 of the 30.  

Convoluted in theory I know but it became fun to try to find a book that covered the most topics.  But I tried the list the normal way and I kept coming back to the same two or three qualifiers or that they had three or four qualifiers.

My initial list looks like this… Although I can’t promise the order… it will depend on the library’s availability. But for the first time since school, I am going to widen my horizon.

  1. Humboldt’s Gift
  2. Agatha Christies “Curtain”
  3. Sh̵̵̵ogun
  4. Looking for Mr. Goodbar
  5. The Great Train Robbery
  6. Tuck Everlasting
  7. Heat and Dust
  8. Crocodile on the Sandbank
  9. Last Bus to Woodstock
  10. The Monkey Wrench Gang
  11. Terra Nostra
  12. The Eagle has landed
  13. The Great Railway Bazaar
  14. The Money Changers
  15. The Choirboys
  16. The Grey King
  17. The Dead Father
  18. Black Sunday
  19. The Road to Gandolflo
  20. The life Before Us
  21. Cold Hand in Mine
  22. Blot the Landscape
  23. The Period Fable
  24. Rag Time
  25. Imperial Earth
  26. The Female Man
  27. The Eye in the Pyramid

Let me know what you think.

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