Goals and schedules

In the third assignment of writing 101 we were supposed to commit to a writing schedule. See I am more of a free bird and very organic in writing … no outlines, just off the top of my head in the heat of the moment so to speak. But since I was not really accomplishing anything that way. I decided to try it the other way. So I sat down and figured out what I needed to do to fulfil the goals I had set for myself.

  • A minimum of one hour of productive writing a day… this would be where I started something wrote for an entire hour.
  • Two short stories (ready for submission) a month
  • A minimum of 20 blog post. – This one is going to be the easiest of all of them, at least while I am part of the writing 101.
  • I would like to write two novels in a year- since I am committed to NaNoWriMo I will for sure make one.

My concern for the blog after I finish lead me to create another schedule. (lets see how these go)

  1. Mechanics Monday- focusing on the how to, getting feedback and posting on things like plot, characterization, settings.
  2. Toss Up Tuesday- anything goes here
  3. Humorous Humpday- I am working on writing comedy and trust me when I say it’s a work in awfully slow progress.
  4. Time Travel Thursday – About a year ago I started a “blog a book” after taking a class. It was a good premise but life, and excuses got in the way. I am taking the project out of mothballs and starting it again. “Who’s Who by Father Time.”
  5. Fanfiction Friday- my guilty pleasures.
  6. Social Saturday- The day I find other blogs and highlight them on my site. I am hoping to get other authors to co-host a post or two.
  7. Short Story Sunday – these are short stories that I write. Some of them will be already submitted but rejected. Others I will just write and post just for the love. 🙂

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  1. Mya says:

    Hi thanks forr sharing this


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